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Wishing everyone a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving!

I knew the day would be crazy, so I began my day with desert. My aunt baked a pie especially for me and I ate a piece for brunch. No, I didn’t have any other food before it or with it. I just had pie. There are probably enough calories in a slice to cover me.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with family and friends. I’m thankful that God has blessed each of us with talents and gifts. I’m going to try to use what He has given me  to do good things.

Thank you to all who come to read my blog and who encourage me in my knitting efforts.

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Season!


Work in Progress

The sweater for my son had to be put on hold. I couldn’t find my size 7 dpn’s. I’ve looked and looked but they are gone. I don’t know if I gave them away, lost them, or what. I was planning to replace my all my dpn’s as previously I was using Clover and the tips just weren’t working for me. I had replaced a few sizes but maybe I got rid of the 7’s and never replaced them. 

I dropped into a yarn shop yesterday and picked up some Brittany’s in size 7. I’d really rather have the KnitPicks dpn’s but they’ll take to long to get here. I’m hoping to cast-on for the first sleeve so that i can get this sweater back on the burner where it belongs.

During these few days without the proper needles for the sweater I missed having something to knit. I think I prefer working on one  project at a time but I needed something to knit. I didn’t think I’d be without the size 7’s for long, requiring a small simple project.

Heart Coaster at Work

Cute Coaster for the Office

Hence, the heart coaster was knit.

Given the size, it took very little time to knit but the color and the shape are just so doggone cheerful. It’s now on my desk at work and the ladies there want me to make coasters for their desks. Maybe coasters can be my filler projects when I’m in a “knitting jam” or just need something quick and portable.

The pattern, actually written for a dishcloth, can be found here on Ravelry. Written by, Cathy Mangaudis, it’s really a pattern for a dishcloth, but I doubt the dishcloth police will come get me for using it for something else.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to knitting my son’s sweater tonight.

I’m still getting used to WordPress. I’ve got to look into paragraph formatting and spacing. I’d also like to add some other things to the side bar. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do.

Vicarious Knitting

Over at Like the Queen 2, I’m following along as Bess knits a dress from Modern Top-Down Knitting, by Kristina McGowan. I want to knit this dress and a few other  garments  from the book. I know the short row shoulder shaping will be new to me and Bess has it down-pat. I know I need to brush up on short row shaping and going back through Barbara Walker‘s Knitting from the Top are probably prerequisites for me before starting. In the meantime, I’m learning just from watching Bess. Thanks Bess!

Finished Item
I’ve been wanting to get a good picture of the vest. Unfortunately, I either leave the camera at the office or I just forget. Finally, Friday, when my son wore the vest to school, I quickly grabbed the camera before we left. We were running behind and I told him we only had time for one quick picture. I happily snapped the picture and we went about our hectic day.

Later, when I decided to upload the picture, I realized I had taken the memory card out of the camera and the USB cord was at the office.

Soo…I had to figure out how to get the picture into my computer to be able to post it since he won’t be wearing it again for at least another week. I finally figured it out today.

Off To School He Goes

His father didn’t know I’d dressed him in the vest that morning. He was excited and took a picture of him at the barber shop wearing the vest. I asked my child why in the world he had on the vest with his gym clothes. He said, “…because I like the vest and I wanted to wear it all day.”

My husband made him take the vest off while he got a hair cut. Then he left it in the barbershop.  😦 Even though I don’t have the vest, I have a fuzzy phone picture of him wearing it in the shop.

He didn't want to take off the vest. Photo taken with car phone camera.

In the Barber Shop

Unfortunately for me, my gauge in stockinette worked in the round is noticeably different from my gauge when knitting stockinette back and forth. I don’t know how I didn’t see it before looking at it in the photographs. I will have to try to find a way to compensate in future projects.
Work in Progress
With the vest finished, I have begun a sweater for my son. Of course, now that I’m making my way through the sweater, I’m finally finding a few sweaters that are one color. This means I have less required knitting and can move on to knitting at least one thing for myself this year. Since, however, my son is so appreciative and willing to wear what I make, I’ll finish his sweater and continue to make things for him. I decided to be a part of the NaKniSweMo, though I don’t know how yet to put all the information up on my blog. I’ll figure it out sooner or later.

Progress as of Nov. 13

Up next for him is either a hat or another vest for school.

Up next for me…I haven’t decided yet.

Thank you to all those who serve and have served in the military to protect the freedom that so many of us take for granted!

The vest is finished!

I don’t like the way the neckline turned out but since my son is happy I’m going to leave it alone.

Pattern: A Combination of Gauge, Measuring My son and the patterns Ring Bearer Vest and Knit Kid’s Vest

Yarn: Cotton Worsted Weight (my son can’t wear wool)

Size: Approx an 8, made vest more in line with his measurements than the actual size in either of the patterns


  1. Only 2 rows of ribbing on the neckline and arm holes
  2. Only 2 inches of ribbing on the waist
  3. Length was based upon measurements of my son
  4. Width was based upon gauge and my son’s measurements
  5. Based arm holes on my son’s measurements instead of those indicated in either pattern
  6. Used worsted weight yarn (one pattern calls for dk)
  7. Avoided decreasing using the first stitch of any row

Pictures tomorrow if I”m able to get decent natural light.

I made some knitting goals earlier this year and then proceeded promptly to go about life without even picking up my needles until a little over a week ago.

I’m still hoping to crank out 10 projects before the year ends. Some of the items will, therefore, be on the small side.

I’m working on a vest for my son for school. Unfortunately, as part of the uniform, his sweaters and vests must be one color with no emblems, trim, or logos. This is especially hard to find…and it doesn’t help that the list of colors they can wear is quite short. I may, therefore, have to make all of his sweaters and vests for school this year.

I began the vest on the 24th of October. I should be finished but I just haven’t had as much time to dedicate to knitting as I would like. I also ended up having to consult a few different patterns to come up with the proper way to make the neckline and arm openings as it’s been about a year since I’ve knit anything.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hopefully the vest will be finished within the next few days.

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