Knitting Again

Two Finished Pieces, well…sort of…

Posted on: January 14, 2011

Finished Item Number 1

I finally finished my son’s sweater. Unfortunately, the grafted stitches under the arm on one side are hideous. I did something wrong and I’ve got to undo them.

Finally Finished!!!

Pattern: Child’s Placket Neck Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts


  1. Sleeves were lengthened by 4.5 inches and they are still a little shorter than I would like.
  2. Added collar
  3. Lengthened body
  4. Used worsted weight yarn rather than dk
  5. Lengthened placket slightly

I learned a lot from this sweater. I also know that there is still so much that I want to learn.

Now on the Needles

I’ve decided to try lots of new things this year so that I will have finished pieces that look good, that fit well, and/or are useful. There will be lots of swatching for gauge purposes and just to practice techniques.

My next learning piece is just that, kind of a swatch, in the form of a coaster, that originated as a dish cloth pattern. For this project, I’m practicing crocheting, which I haven’t done in years, as the edging is the single crochet stitch. Then, the center uses duplicate stitch.

I actually like this just to use as a coaster before the edging and the duplicate stitch monogramming but the purpose of the project, other than to give to a co-worker, is to practice crocheting and to learn duplicate stitching.

I think the single crocheted edge turned out pretty well considering I haven't crocheted since about 2005. I haven't added the monogramming because I haven't decided which co-worker will receive it. Each co-worker has requested a knitted coaster and I was planning to make each one in a different pattern.

Hoping the duplicate stitch goes well. I’ve looked at a little video on youtube and I’m feeling pretty confident.

Finished Item Number 2

The beagle coaster was finally finished. My mother decided she wanted it but just has it on display because she doesn’t want to  spill anything on it. I only have a crappy picture of it.

Pattern: That Old Beagle

Beagle in Sunglasses

Today I plan to cast-on for a pair of socks. After that, I’m hoping to start the Sweater Sampler by Jacqueline Fee. I’m determined to make 2011 my “Year of Knitting Knowledge.” Once I’m a little more comfortable with my skills, I’m hoping to knit a dress from Modern Top Down Knitting.  It’s important to me that this project turns out well and I’m hoping all that I do before it will help.

Health News

My leg and ankle are progressing. I go back to the doctor in a little over two weeks. I’m hoping to ditch the boot after that appointment. I’m a little concerned about the rate of healing but I’m going to just try to follow the doctor’s instructions so that I can make as full of a recovery as possible.


8 Responses to "Two Finished Pieces, well…sort of…"

that blue sweater looks wonderful. I love the color. Isn’t it exciting how many things you can learn about knitting?

I’m learning, Bess. I’m feeling good about knitting this year. I’m feeling more like I did when I first started.

Or you could get him to agree never to lift up that arm….

That’s funny. If I did that he’d probably actually go around showing it to people on purpose!

I love the blue sweater! The collar is a great addition.

I used this video to help me with grafting the underarms:
I tried using written instructions, and my first underarm turned out looking awful! I used the video for the second, and the stitches were great.

Thanks, Gracie Mae. Grafting is usually not a problem for me as long as it’s all stockinette. I have no idea what went wrong here but it’s just a matter of pulling out the stitches and redoing them.

I love how moms (and grandmas) won’t use knitted things because they want to keep them “nice.” I’m like, use it already!

Cute sweater — you made some good modifications. This is also the year I try and get better, though I have no patience for duplicate stitch, lol!

I’m finding that I don’t have much patience for duplicate stitch either. I’ve decided that I’m going to dig in and finish the thing, though. I’ll feel better when I’m finished…at least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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