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Finding Time for Knitting and Spanish

Posted on: June 17, 2011

The Spanish is coming along nicely. I’m understanding more and more on the Spanish television shows. The commercials are even helpful for vocabulary. I found a few more podcasts that I think could be helpful. Unfortunately, a few of them, while strong in grammar, the accents of the speakers are not that great. It’s quite obvious they are not native speakers. I’m hoping that I can absorb the lessons without absorbing the accents. I’ve worked very hard on my pronunciation and I don’t want it to regress.

I keep looking for ways to increase my vocabulary and I really must learn more about syntax. I have found that when reading some things, I sometimes run into sentences where I know the meaning of the individual words, but the structure of the sentence blurs the meaning for me. Google has come to my rescue but I want to improve my Spanish in all areas.

My regular practice session is on Sundays. I’m especially looking forward to this Sunday as I missed the Spanish Bible Study on Wednesday. This is my chance to ask questions about usage of words and phrases. This Sunday, there are supposed to be more native speakers attending the session, which is a golden opportunity for me. Even if I don’t interact extensively with anyone, I should hear authentic Spanish being used. I think the inflection of voice, and the rhythm of the language is important in communicating effectively. I need more practice and more exposure to “real, spoken” Spanish. I’ll be working a little bit on my verbs tomorrow so that I can try to make sense if I actually get up the courage to have a real conversation with someone.

In knitting news, I found out that there is another baby expected in our family. My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby boy at the end of August. I’ve been debating about whether or not I can find the time to knit something for more than one baby. If I make small items, the knitting time will be shorter. However, if I make smaller items, like hats, socks, or booties, the babies will outgrow them quickly. I hate that idea. Of course, I still haven’t worked knitting back into my schedule yet. I dream about knitting beautiful items.  My dress by Kristina McGowan awaits…

I’m still having a rough time with my leg/ankle. Tomorrow I’ll be doing strength training exercises for it again. I had started the exercises previously but was having too much pain afterward. I’d given myself a little break but it’s time to start again. It’s time to get my life lined up to be able to achieve the goals I’ve set for myself.

It’s going to be a great weekend. Maybe I will knit a few stitches…maybe.


2 Responses to "Finding Time for Knitting and Spanish"

I hear you about picking up the ‘wrong’ kind of accent. I first delved into Spanish in high school and have had to keep it up since I married a Dominican. But back then, the vast majority of my Spanish-speaking peers were actually Puerto Rican and I picked up their accent and idioms. Once I met hubby’s family, I got a lot of ” … she talks like a Puerto Rican…”. So yeah.

I haven’t been knitting all that much either, having fallen headlong into snapping photos. And to think, I got into understanding photography so I could take better photos of my FOs. So much for that.

Accents – ah, I haven’t even gotten there yet…it’s very difficult for me to tell the difference between Spanish accents and what’s speaking generic Spanish and what’s specific to one country or region. This is a challenge for me because my four native Spanish speaking friends that I interact with face-to-face are from Spain, Mexico, Guatemala, and Panama!

I am very jealous of your Spanish Bible Study! I am going to have to try and find one in my area.

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