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It has been an incredibly long time since I’ve posted. Life keeps throwing things my way and the blog has taken a back seat. I’m back, for good, I think.

Lately, all I’ve knit, and it hasn’t been much, are coasters for the ladies at the office. They really like them but I’ve really been wanting to jump into a blanket or make something I can wear.


Only one sock was knit.

I found an abandoned sock I knit a while ago. The Pattern for the sock is Blackhearted: and I used the ruffle from Ruffled Garden Sock:

Besides needing to make an additional sock, I need to re-knit this one. There are a few areas I want to adapt and I think my foot may have been still swollen from the break and surgery when I knit it originally. Now, the sock is a bit on the loose side.

Right now, I’m just tossing around ideas but just want to really be able to dedicate some time to knitting. I made a commitment to myself before that I would find the time to knit but the more committed I was, the more obstacles seemed to come my way. Now, I’m trying again to carve out the time to do more of the things I enjoy. It would be really nice to actually see the number in my Ravelry queue go down once in a while.

I also had to take some time away from my Spanish language activities. I’m back in the saddle again and I’m hoping I can stay consistent.

I was reading something recently that talked about “really living life” rather than just “existing.” That’s a goal for me. I think for so long I’ve tried to just survive. I think it’s time I tried to really do things I’ve wanted to do as well as spend time with the people I love.

I can say that in my absence from the blog I have gotten a lot more reading done. As a teen and earlier in adulthood I was an avid reader. Somehow I had strayed from that. Fortunately for me, owning a Kindle has made accessing books so very simple. With the Kindle, I can carry thousands of reading options at one time. When I finish one book, another is literally at my fingertips.

Hoping to make a decision and get started on my next non-coaster project soon.

I’m looking forward to overcoming obstacles and adversity.


Well, I’m back…to blogging that is…

I haven’t knit a stitch in months. I don’t know what happened. I got focused on everything at the office, my son’s schooling, the pain in my leg/ankle, and the trials of life. Although I plan to start knitting again, it probably won’t be until the first of July. There’s just too much going on right now.

What I have been focusing on recently, though, is Spanish. I’ve committed myself to learning the language. I know that different areas of the world have different colloquialisms but I’d like to become as close to fluent as I possibly can with the tools available to me.  Although it’s highly unlikely that I will compose an entire blog post in Spanish, it’s possible that I’ll throw in a word or phrase now and then.

I miss the time I spent knitting. I know I’ll find my way back to it. I have projects I need to finish and at least one gift I really want to make for baby who will most likely be born at the end of August or beginning of September.

I’m enjoying the Spanish. I now attend a “Spanish Bible Study Class” on Wednesdays which is helping me gauge where I am in my vocabulary. I read the lesson, in Spanish. Read the Scripture in Spanish. Then I read the Scripture in English. Once I go to class, I hope to understand as much as possible from the teacher. I write down the words I don’t recognize in hopes of understanding more at the next session.

I haven’t gotten up the courage to talk at length with anyone in class, though I have introduced myself, made “small-talk,” and played with a baby. I think I probably understand about 25 – 30% of what is being said during class. During prayer time, I probably understand about 20 – 25% of what is being said. That’s not too bad for a beginner.

I did take the time to learn some knitting terminology. I love patterns from Katia and I’m guessing there are even more patterns in Spanish that I like. Combining Spanish and knitting could be kind of cool.

Once I feel pretty comfortable with Spanish, I hope to begin relearning French. I started learning French in the 7th grade. I studied for a couple of years in high school but remember very little of it now. The funny thing is, as I learn Spanish, a little of the French is coming back to me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use Spanish and eventually French regularly so that I won’t lose them. I’ve always loved languages. Now is my time to persue them on my terms.

There are quite a few people who speak multiple languages fluently. Some day, I’m going to be one of them.

Work in Progress

The sweater for my son had to be put on hold. I couldn’t find my size 7 dpn’s. I’ve looked and looked but they are gone. I don’t know if I gave them away, lost them, or what. I was planning to replace my all my dpn’s as previously I was using Clover and the tips just weren’t working for me. I had replaced a few sizes but maybe I got rid of the 7’s and never replaced them. 

I dropped into a yarn shop yesterday and picked up some Brittany’s in size 7. I’d really rather have the KnitPicks dpn’s but they’ll take to long to get here. I’m hoping to cast-on for the first sleeve so that i can get this sweater back on the burner where it belongs.

During these few days without the proper needles for the sweater I missed having something to knit. I think I prefer working on one  project at a time but I needed something to knit. I didn’t think I’d be without the size 7’s for long, requiring a small simple project.

Heart Coaster at Work

Cute Coaster for the Office

Hence, the heart coaster was knit.

Given the size, it took very little time to knit but the color and the shape are just so doggone cheerful. It’s now on my desk at work and the ladies there want me to make coasters for their desks. Maybe coasters can be my filler projects when I’m in a “knitting jam” or just need something quick and portable.

The pattern, actually written for a dishcloth, can be found here on Ravelry. Written by, Cathy Mangaudis, it’s really a pattern for a dishcloth, but I doubt the dishcloth police will come get me for using it for something else.

Hopefully, I’ll be back to knitting my son’s sweater tonight.

I’m still getting used to WordPress. I’ve got to look into paragraph formatting and spacing. I’d also like to add some other things to the side bar. There just aren’t enough hours in the day to do all that I want to do.

Vicarious Knitting

Over at Like the Queen 2, I’m following along as Bess knits a dress from Modern Top-Down Knitting, by Kristina McGowan. I want to knit this dress and a few other  garments  from the book. I know the short row shoulder shaping will be new to me and Bess has it down-pat. I know I need to brush up on short row shaping and going back through Barbara Walker‘s Knitting from the Top are probably prerequisites for me before starting. In the meantime, I’m learning just from watching Bess. Thanks Bess!

Hi, I’m Kimberly.

After a knitting hiatus, I’m back at it again.

Previously, I had a blog at .  I have since abandoned the blog but you can see background information about me there.

Right now, I’m familiarizing myself with WordPress and hope to find a layout that works for me.

In terms of knitting, I’m working on a vest for my son, organizing supplies, planning future projects, and relearning things I forgot.

Hopefully I’ll figure out WordPress soon or I may end up back at Blogger.

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