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Well, I’m back…to blogging that is…

I haven’t knit a stitch in months. I don’t know what happened. I got focused on everything at the office, my son’s schooling, the pain in my leg/ankle, and the trials of life. Although I plan to start knitting again, it probably won’t be until the first of July. There’s just too much going on right now.

What I have been focusing on recently, though, is Spanish. I’ve committed myself to learning the language. I know that different areas of the world have different colloquialisms but I’d like to become as close to fluent as I possibly can with the tools available to me.  Although it’s highly unlikely that I will compose an entire blog post in Spanish, it’s possible that I’ll throw in a word or phrase now and then.

I miss the time I spent knitting. I know I’ll find my way back to it. I have projects I need to finish and at least one gift I really want to make for baby who will most likely be born at the end of August or beginning of September.

I’m enjoying the Spanish. I now attend a “Spanish Bible Study Class” on Wednesdays which is helping me gauge where I am in my vocabulary. I read the lesson, in Spanish. Read the Scripture in Spanish. Then I read the Scripture in English. Once I go to class, I hope to understand as much as possible from the teacher. I write down the words I don’t recognize in hopes of understanding more at the next session.

I haven’t gotten up the courage to talk at length with anyone in class, though I have introduced myself, made “small-talk,” and played with a baby. I think I probably understand about 25 – 30% of what is being said during class. During prayer time, I probably understand about 20 – 25% of what is being said. That’s not too bad for a beginner.

I did take the time to learn some knitting terminology. I love patterns from Katia and I’m guessing there are even more patterns in Spanish that I like. Combining Spanish and knitting could be kind of cool.

Once I feel pretty comfortable with Spanish, I hope to begin relearning French. I started learning French in the 7th grade. I studied for a couple of years in high school but remember very little of it now. The funny thing is, as I learn Spanish, a little of the French is coming back to me. Hopefully, I’ll be able to use Spanish and eventually French regularly so that I won’t lose them. I’ve always loved languages. Now is my time to persue them on my terms.

There are quite a few people who speak multiple languages fluently. Some day, I’m going to be one of them.


Hi, I’m Kimberly.

After a knitting hiatus, I’m back at it again.

Previously, I had a blog at .  I have since abandoned the blog but you can see background information about me there.

Right now, I’m familiarizing myself with WordPress and hope to find a layout that works for me.

In terms of knitting, I’m working on a vest for my son, organizing supplies, planning future projects, and relearning things I forgot.

Hopefully I’ll figure out WordPress soon or I may end up back at Blogger.

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