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The past week has been filled with all sorts of surprises. Due to so many unexpected things, I haven’t practiced my Spanish as much as I would have liked nor have a knit a stitch. Of course, today is Wednesday, which means I’m going to Bible Study in Spanish. I really don’t feel like my mind is ready.

Last week at Bible Study, I felt like I understood more. I used more Spanish than I normally do and I understood quite a bit of the information given in class. When our instructor, the Pastor, was speaking, I was usually on track. Although I have plenty to learn, I was still happy with understanding things just from the context of the words I already knew.

I have to be able to carve out  more designated Spanish time each day. I fear that without committed time each day I’m going to regress. Since people in my Spanish Bible Study class are beginning to talk to me in Spanish, I cannot afford to lose the vocabulary I have gained. I need to keep learning so I’m not completely lost. I don’t want people to stop speaking to me in Spanish or I won’t get the practice I need.

Hopefully I’ll have a little time before class today to look over my vocabulary sheets.  I just really feel overwhelmingly unprepared today.

Unfortunately I only have a few days until the first baby shower. It doesn’t look I’m going to be able to knit anything in time for the shower. Fortunately, there is still time for me to make something before the baby is born.  I need to peek around in my patterns to see what to make. I love baby blankets but sometimes people receive a gazillion of them. I don’t want something I make to just get lost in the shuffle.

Being an adult is not as easy as I thought it would be…but one of these days, one of these days, I’m going to find a good balance for my life. That is my prayer.

¡Hasta la próxima!


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