Knitting Again

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It has been an incredibly long time since I’ve posted. Life keeps throwing things my way and the blog has taken a back seat. I’m back, for good, I think.

Lately, all I’ve knit, and it hasn’t been much, are coasters for the ladies at the office. They really like them but I’ve really been wanting to jump into a blanket or make something I can wear.


Only one sock was knit.

I found an abandoned sock I knit a while ago. The Pattern for the sock is Blackhearted: and I used the ruffle from Ruffled Garden Sock:

Besides needing to make an additional sock, I need to re-knit this one. There are a few areas I want to adapt and I think my foot may have been still swollen from the break and surgery when I knit it originally. Now, the sock is a bit on the loose side.

Right now, I’m just tossing around ideas but just want to really be able to dedicate some time to knitting. I made a commitment to myself before that I would find the time to knit but the more committed I was, the more obstacles seemed to come my way. Now, I’m trying again to carve out the time to do more of the things I enjoy. It would be really nice to actually see the number in my Ravelry queue go down once in a while.

I also had to take some time away from my Spanish language activities. I’m back in the saddle again and I’m hoping I can stay consistent.

I was reading something recently that talked about “really living life” rather than just “existing.” That’s a goal for me. I think for so long I’ve tried to just survive. I think it’s time I tried to really do things I’ve wanted to do as well as spend time with the people I love.

I can say that in my absence from the blog I have gotten a lot more reading done. As a teen and earlier in adulthood I was an avid reader. Somehow I had strayed from that. Fortunately for me, owning a Kindle has made accessing books so very simple. With the Kindle, I can carry thousands of reading options at one time. When I finish one book, another is literally at my fingertips.

Hoping to make a decision and get started on my next non-coaster project soon.

I’m looking forward to overcoming obstacles and adversity.


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